County Judge’s Chambers – 2nd Floor
San Saba County Courthouse
San Saba, Texas

9:00 o’clock a.m.  


Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Audience for Concerned Citizens
(no more than 10 minutes per issue, without leave)

Action Items:

1.  Approve or Correct and Approve Minutes of Previous Commissioners Court Meeting(s)

2.  Approve or Reject Proposed Accounts Payable

County Official and Departmental Reports:*

3.  County Judge

4.  County/District Clerk: Approve subject to audit or Reject Clerk’s Report

5.  County Treasurer: Approve subject to audit or Reject Treasurer’s Report

6.  County Justice of the Peace: Approve subject to audit or Reject JP Report

7.  County Sheriff and Jail: Approve subject to audit or Reject Sheriff’s Jail Report

8.  County Extension Agents

9.  County Indigent Health Care Program Director

10.  County Grant Writer

11.  County EMS Billing

12.  County Emergency Management Coordinator

13.  County On-Site Sewage Facility Management Coordinator

14.  County 9-1-1 Coordinator

15.  County - Damage Management Technicians Report

16.  Other Officers or Departments (if any)

Special Issues:*

17.  Approve or Reject San Saba County Holidays Observed for 2006

18.  Approve or Reject Proclamation 2005 October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month

19.  Discuss Approve or Reject County Clerk’s full time personnel pay rate change

20.  Discuss Approve or Reject - Consideration - going out for bids on a new motor grader (Pct.  3)

21.  Approve or Reject Proposed Amendments and/or Line Item Transfers to the ’04-’05 Budget

22.  Adjourn

*[NOTE: This body is subject to the Texas Open Meetings Act, however, the Court may at appropriate times convene in closed sessions pursuant to Texas Government Code 551.071 (consultation with attorney), 551.072 (real property exception), 551.073 (prospective gift exception), 551.074 (personnel matters), 551.075 (conference with employee), 551.076 (security personnel/device exception), or 551.078 (medical exception).]

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