San Saba County Sheriff Jail, Texas

San Saba County Jail, also known as the San Saba Unit, or the San Saba Transfer Facility was established in June 1992. Then, in February 1996, the unit was transferred to the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) before a final transfer to the Texas Department of Corrections  in September 2007. Today, the TDCJ, under its offender management, maintains the San Saba County Jail. The county jail is an ACA Accredited Unit since August 2009. The accreditation is proof of the jail’s efforts in adhering to the recommended safety practices for a correctional facility. The Department categorizes this county jail under Region VI. It serves as a temporary holding facility in 206 South Wallace Creek Road, San Saba, TX 76877. Other prisons and jail facilities in this region include the Pack Unit, Woodman State Jail, and the Middleton Transfer facility.

The San Saba County Jail sits at  a 25-acreage farmland two miles on Hwy 190 to Wallace Creek Road. It has 135 employees, 100 of them directly involved in securing the facility, inmates, visitors, and other workers. The county Jail has a dedicated team of dispatchers, supervisors, financial clerks, an administrator, and deputies who look after the needs of the inmates. The inmates at the San Saba Unit are housed in two custody levels, G1 and G2. The G1 custody level is for inmates requiring low security. They work outside the county jail with no armed supervision. In contrast, inmates falling in the G2 category stay in cells or dorms inside a security fence.

The San Saba County Jail is an all-female jail with a capacity of up to 606 inmates. All these inmates face charges for crimes committed in San Saba County. They stay incarcerated at the facility for not more than two years as they wait for trial, a means of posting bond, or if they have violated their probation. Then, the inmates are either released or transferred to other correctional facilities.

Inmate Programs

The San Saba County Jail runs several inmate programs as follows: -

Health Services

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)  Health is mandated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to offer health services in San Saba County jail. These services include dental, mental, and an ambulatory unit. Here, the inmates have access to routine checkups, drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, support groups. The UTMB-TDCJ  is a general acute care facility accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) to offer inmate medical care at the university campus.

Educational Services

The San Saba Unit runs the Central Texas College Academic program. It focuses on various life skills that will facilitate the inmate’s transition from confinement into society. It includes literacy programs, special education services, career and technology education, life skills, job skills, arts and crafts,

  • Other Inmate Services

Other inmate services at the San Saba County Jail include Chaplaincy and GO KIDS Initiatives, Community work projects, and volunteer initiatives.  The community work projects are provided by the county and city agencies. Likewise, volunteer initiatives are religious or faith-based activities and studies.

County Sheriff John Wells

Long respected as the county's top lawman, the sheriff has a range of duties that include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, operation of the jail and other responsibilities.
Duties of the sheriff include:

  • Providing security for the operation of county and district courts;
  • Enforcing traffic laws, other county ordinances and other state laws;
  • Service of process;
  • Accepting bail for prisoners in his custody;
  • Conducting sales of seized and unclaimed properties; and
  • Taking charge of and responsibility for the county jail and prisoners.

Duties & Responsibilities of the COUNTY SHERIFF from the Texas Association of Counties.

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