In coordination with the Department of Homeland Security Report on Threat Levels, San Saba County has produced security measures to be enforced during Threat Level Red.

1.  There will be restricted access to the courthouse. All doors will be locked except for the North door on the ground floor.

2.  There will be a security person at that door to control access to the courthouse.

3.  A log will be kept with the following information:

    Date, printed name, signature, destination, badge number, time in, time out.

4.  All authorized personnel will be issued an Identification badge with the following information included:

    Picture, name, title, unique font, county seal {all in green ink}.

5.  All visitors will produce a picture i.d.card (i.e.; driver’s license, employment i.d., school i.d., etc.). A Visitors badge will be issued and the picture i.d. card will be kept until the Visitors badge is returned. The Visitors badge will include the following:

    Large V, Visitor badge number [in sequence], county seal {all in red ink}.

6.  All Identification/Visitor badges will have the following information on the back:

    The signature of the current Emergency Management Coordinator and a return address [for lost/misplaced cards].


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