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Each set of permits, forms, or applications is available in a compressed, self-extracting file. This reduces the size of the download, and affords you the option of saving the file for later transportablity, or placing the documents in a folder of your choice.

Currently, the files are available in Microsoft Word 2000 format only. This is the most common word processor format in use, but we realize not everyone has MSWord. If there is sufficient need as warranted by the number of requests, we will make the documents available in Adobe (.pdf) format or as plain text files (.txt).

When you download the forms, you will have the option of "Opening" the file(s) or "Saving" them. If you click "OPEN", the file(s) will be downloaded and the file(s) opened (uncompressed or "unzipped") on your computer at C:\My Documents\[filename], (i.e. for OSSF Permits, the download will be at C:\My Documents\OSSF Files). This is the default location, and you will have a chance to change the location. If you choose the "SAVE" option, the files will be downloaded to your computer, the default location will be to your desktop, but you can change that location (i.e. A:\Downloads), but will not be uncompressed. To extract (or unzip) the file, simply double click on the downloaded file. The file(s) will extract to C:\My Documents\[filename] by default, but you can place them wherever you wish.

Once the file(s) are on your computer, you can edit them with MS Word. Turn off the "insert" feature, click "underline," then fill in the blanks. Remember, the completed forms must be signed in ink; don't type your name in the signature space, that will NOT suffice.

Download Onsite Sewage Facility Permits

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